Welcome to a space that is classy, unique & comfortable. We focus on more sensual portraiture and capturing your intimate side. The definition of a boudoir is a woman’s private sitting room or a salon in a furnished accommodation. If you’re wondering, that doesn’t mean that when you book a boudoir session it’s all about showing skin, it’s up to each individual to choose how they will show off their curves. We’re simply here to support and remind you how beautiful you truly are.
Give yourself a pampering experience, trust us, you deserve it! Keep it simple, and come in your own makeup, throw on something cozy or bring your sexiest lingerie set, or enjoy our included beauty works for your glamour pamper session.

Enjoy a unique confidence building experience that will force you to focus on loving yourself. After your photoshoot you will feel like you're on a cloud and leave feeling empowered! Whether you need a pick me up, have been working hard on your body, or want to give a unique and intimate gift to your partner. Take a day for yourself or sneak off on a weekend, get in touch with us to book your session today!
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What's the experience like?
Here's Miss. P, explaining her experience on doing a boudoir session.
                      Worried about posing during your session? Don't BE!
We are an all-women team consisting of individual artists with the same passion: inspiring and empowering other women.
Okay so it doesn't make it any better, you're still nervous because we're strangers, fair enough. I prefer to have a chance to talk before your session anyways! We can schedule a pre-style phone call or show you our studio. Aside, both your photographer and makeup artist have a background in dance so we know how to work all the curves and have just the trick to help bring the very best out in you!
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Some of our portfolio can be seen here. Up to date work is shared on our Instagram @dcarltonphoto.
   The Bombshell Babe Book
Your privacy and discretion is guaranteed, every client has the opportunity to discuss and sign a model agreement form.
Your photographs will not be used in our public portfolio unless you have explicitly given us permission to do so.
We're proud of our images so if you agree, we'd love to have your images featured on our social media
to help other women break the taboo.
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