Because life is already a little difficult these days,
we have simplified our offerings. All sessions listed without specific rates, apply the same shoot fees. ANY SESSION CAN HAVE EXTRA SHOOT TIME ADDED ON AT $75/30mins or additional images.

portrait sessions:

30mins - 10 images

75mins - 20 images

120mins - 35 images
Glamour, Fashion, Social Media & Personal Branding!
Do you need images of you 'doing your thing' in a way that makes you stand out?
Images that would show potential clients what you're all about?
Lifestyle images have become crucial for self promotion, I'm here to support and create
a library of images that will champion your businesses needs!
Lingerie or Implied Nudes.
Have you ever dreamed about being dressed up (or down) in a sexy outfit that makes you
feel like an absolute queen, and have it captured so you can drool all over it/yourself? 
Ya ya, us too! No seriously, we LOOOVE getting sexy for the camera, and that's why we are 
perfect to be your boudoir photographer. With years of practice under our belts, we know 
all the juicy angles, all the right things to say, and how to get you prepared to be an absolute
badass while half (or entirely) naked. Trust us to create a stunning set of images that will make
you want to ask yourself to marry, yourself. Or, give it as a gift and receive tons of hot DM's, 
a million compliments from friends, no dish duty for a year cause your partner is so obsessed, 
a second engagement ring and an extra honey moon lol! Oh yah, we are CONFIDENT in your
confidence after working with us.

Please go to our Boudoir Studio Page for more info.
Oh the dreaded headshot! But fear not, we make this process easy and painless. With the option
to capture in home, at your office or outdoors, we ensure you're relaxed, looking great and have
the perfect headshot to update your old one from 1997.
Kids, Cake Smash, Family, Maternity, Engagement, Couples.
We love to capture milestones or even the ordinary beautiful life moments that just happen. 
Indoor studio sessions can be tricky and a bit well, boring. We highly recommend in home sessions
for a personal touch, or choosing your favourite outdoor place, we'll meet you there!
special EVENTS
Starting at $150hr, 2hr minimum
*Images provided in web resolution digital format
• For in home or off site; baby shower, birthday, commencement, etc.

• Corporate events starting at $250hr, 2hr minimum
• Add $150 for photo-booth set-up, with additional photographer add +$100hr
• Add $150 to subtotal for print release of high resolution images

(For video or any special requests, additional shooters, etc., please email for a custom quote)
Starting at $250/hour
*Images provided in printable & web resolution digital format

• Includes 1 photographer
• Overtime billed at $150/hour
• Include 2 photographers for $350/hour
• Overtime billed at $200/hour

• Please contact for a custom quote
(For video or any special requests, additional shooters, etc., please email for a custom quote)
Interiors & Architecture
• Wide angle specific or HDR services
• Starting at $125/hr for a minimum of 2hrs on site
• Add $150 for full collection of images, low resolution
• Starting at $125/hour for filming
• $55/hour for editing

• Please contact for a custom quote
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