I AM dedicated to creating a space that is equal parts healing, rejuvenating, relaxing
and challenges you to be your most authentic self.

I believe that connecting with our true nature and the natural world,
is a crucial part of creating a life that's full of joy and purpose.

I aim to provide a safe space by offering experiences that
allow you to focus on connection with your truest form of self and
the divine natural world that surrounds us.
I have diligently studied practices ranging from meditation, yoga, breathwork, mindfulness, and educated myself in neuroscience, biology, nutrition, naturopathy and psychology.
This all began as self study in order to heal my ailments, bring peace to my heart and calm my mind. After three years of practicing and constantly learning more modalities, tricks and facts, I am ready to offer my learnings as teachings.
These practices will help build an inner power and strength for healing,
fighting against illness, conquering stress, quieting the mind
and supporting overall wellbeing.
9-week course that will focus on vinyasa & yin yoga flows, studying the 7 body systems, understanding breathwork on a cellular level, the neuroscience for creating healthier habits, nutrition, yogic & aryuvedic practices.

A 2-day wilderness retreat; think, camping, survival skills, sunrise yogic practices & immersing yourself in nature.

A 2-day retreat on the beautiful Muskoka River, includes meditation, yoga, cold plunge, breathwork, cooking class, nutritious meals & accommodations.
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